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BME 665 / 565 Students - Spring 2004 Class home page
Basic background for the course
30% I have taken a basic cellular neurophysiology course recently
90% I have taken linear algebra, calculus, and ordinary differential equations
100% I have taken probability and statistics
Interest in the course
70% I am interested in doing biophysical modeling of neurons
90% I am interested in information coding in the brain
70% I want a better understanding of the biological principles underlying neural network modeling
80% I am generally interested in modeling biological systems
100% I want to better understand what role computational methods can play in neuroscience
60% I want to be able to read the computational neuroscience literature more effectively
30% It is required for my degree
Familiarity with course material
5 - Expert    4 - Comfortable with the concept   3 - Can define it   2 - Have heard of it   1 - Say what?
2.3 Hodgkin-Huxley model
3.3 Action potentials
2.9 Calcium, potassium and sodium channels
2.3 PSP's, PSC's
2.3 Integrate-and-fire neurons, spike response model
2.2 Stochastic firing and rate models
1.6 Neuronal oscillations, central pattern generators
2.5 Hebbian learning
2.0 Orientation selectivity, ocular dominance
2.4 Temporal coding
2.8 Synaptic plasticity
1.8 Patch clamping, intra- and extra-cellular recording
2.0 Optical imaging
3.6 MATLAB programming
3.1 Bayes' theorem
3.2 Ordinary differential equations
3.5 Fourier transforms
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