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 Hello Patrick,


 This is Jim Montogmery, I am sorry for your charter problems and I assure you this boat has not had a history of failed charters, in fact the last couple who was 75 years young had a great time on the boat and not experienced any problems.


 We have a built in sensors which will tell us if the boat has experienced over runningof the engine, over heating etc.


 This boat as all others, can not be run at full throttle for any length of time or it will fail, this has been a problemw with a lot of boats, this is a 2 knot boat under power and a lot of people find this is too slow for them, until they settle down to Island time.


 I am arriving on the Island late Sunday, Vicky is on vacation until January 2 in Kentucky but Sherman is the man on duty at 366-0530 in Hopetown.


 VHF service will not transmit from Guanna to Hopetown, most boat transmitters are 25 watts by law,not powerful enough to reach Hopetown.


 I cannot commit to any refund until we investigate the boat when we get it back to Hopetown, dive the bottom looking for new damage, and research the engine problems, we can tell the engine problems in about 10 minutes.


 This boat has been in the fleet for about 10 years and has a good track record, if it is treated with care and the engine is not run at full throttle for any lengh of time, mosty peo;lel want to go fast and this boat was not designed for motoring speed whereas it is a sail boat.


 I would suggest that you make your way home and when we get the boat back to Hopetown, depending on time and weather, we will contact you and report to you our findings.


 All conmmunication regarding this matter will be handled by myself at the is e-mail address. I have been diagnosing boat problems for 49 years now and have a good sense of what happened shortly after I inspect the boat. Sherman has been doing it for 29 years.


 I promise this matter will be handled as quickly as possible and you will have fair treatment, but if you ran the engine at full throttle you will have to be responsibe for any engine damages as stated in your contract.


 Best regards and Happy New Year.




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