Subject: Re: Engine failure on Eclectic Lady

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 08:42:20 -0500

Dear Jim,

We had expected an update on the condition of "Eclectic Lady" several days ago, but have not heard from you yet. We did hear from one of our contacts that a 2-person delivery crew managed to start the engine and motored out of Fisher's bay earlier this week. Unfortunately, it appears that they were not informed of the location of the dinghy, or for some other reason left without it. I had written in our previous email, and informed Sherman by telephone, that the dinghy was secured to Grabber's dock at the high tide line. Sherman agreed that was a good location for it. 

I thank you for the offer of another weeks sail at 40% off the regular price for the inconvenience and added expense caused by the engine trouble and lack of response by ABC. I doubt that we will have the occasion to accept the offer, but I appreciate the gesture. We assume that the offer is in addition to our contractual agreement for pro-rated refund of the charter fees for each 24-hour period when the boat was disabled. 

Please  respond at your earliest convenience as to the state of affairs.

Regards, Patrick

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