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From: Abaco Charters Judy <>

Date: January 3, 2009 6:17:39 AM PST


Subject: RE: Engine failure on Eclectic Lady

Hi Patrick,


Happy New Year,


Your informant was not giving you the complete story, we had to send a chase boat and 3 people up to Fishers bay to recover the boat, but the conditions did not allow us to do it until Wednesday, New years eve day.


The boat had a dead battery only and we found the starting battery switch left on, which will kill the starting battery, because it is connected to the house battery Shermans states he advised you turn off the starting battery so when you drain the house battery you can always start the engine and recharge the house battery.


It was a costly recovery for us and we had the chase boat tow in the dinghy, no problem with that, but the crew left Hopetown at 8AM and returned at 1:30 PM, the cost was $70.00 per hour for 3 people, $1155.00 and $100.00 per hour for the chase boat $550.00, total cost of $1705.00


Obviously you did not fuel the boat and fill the water tank, we have not done so to this date, but will advise you of the cost for fuel and water, which we assume you will put on your credit card.


I can provide you with sworn affidavits  from the mechanics and Sherman, first stating the condition of the boat engine, battery situation, and the switch configuration they found when they arrived at the boat, and finally Shermans sworn word he advised you to manage the batteries in a way we feel you did not do.


We have no reason to misrepresent the facts, but his boat goes out twice a month without problems as long as the batteries are managed, when we picked up the boat we put in a fresh batterry and off it went all the way to Hopetown, no problems.


As you can see we have a large expense here to deal with and we have  not yet dived the boat to look for fresh bottom damage, we will doso this week and report to you.


Consider what we have found to date and I will follow up very soon.


Best regards,




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