Music Samples from Live Performances

The Dancing Trees would like to thank the following people who have influenced our music:

Marimba Teachers: Chris Berry, Kite Giedraitas, Stephen Golovnin, Mylinda King, Paul Mataruse, Alport Mhlanga, Pete Swing

Mbira Teachers: Erica Azim, Nathan Beck, Tute Chigamba, Marian Grebanier, Cosmos Magaya

Drum Teachers: Nii Ardey Allotey, Chris Berry, Julia Chigamba, Tute Chigamba, Irene France

Hosho Teachers: Erica Azim, Nathan Beck, Tute Chigamba

Singing Teachers: Erica Azim, Julia Chigamba, Mylinda King, Maria Minaar

Dance Teachers: Julia Chigamba, Rujeko Dumbutshena, Ted Wright

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