Neighborhood Arts Program

Regional Arts & Culture Council


The Dancing Trees Marimba Band is a proud participant in the Neighborhood Arts Program and we are listed in the N.A.P. Artist Roster.

Community groups can apply for funding to hire the Dancing Trees for benefits and community events. Apply for a Neighborhood Art Program Community Outreach Grants "C" from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Grant "C": Funds Multnomah County community-based organizations who want to offer art services to their constituents through the Regional Arts and Culture Council's approved Artist Resource Directory.

The Neighborhood Arts Program seeks opportunities for cultural and arts programs and services that impact a variety of citizens by helping to provide a greater sense of community and place. The program promotes connection between individual to self, individual and communities, and individual and families.

To be eligible for a Community Outreach Grant "C", an organization must:

1. Be a "not-for-profit" organization. However, IRS 501(c)(3) status is not required

2. Provide RACC with an Employer Identification Number

3. Be headquartered in Multnomah County

4. Be a Multnomah County Social Service Provider or a Community-Based Organization

5. Be willing to present programs, exhibitions, performances, residences, and workshops consistent with the mission of the NAP. Programs must have direct participation of the community.

6. Have a dedicated staff person for program being proposed

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